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Following are the terms and conditions that constitute the OBF and repairs process.


What you need to know when booking in an OBF or Repair?


OBF & Repair Process


When booking in a device, the customer is required to email with the following :


·        Proof of Purchase

·        Customer Name

·        Customer Contact number



The customer will receive an email confirming that we have received the email and the email consist of a reference number 

The customer can use the following email address:  to follow up on the Repair / OBF and the status of where it is in the process



What you need to know?


·        The device must be within 7 days from the date of purchase for a customer to qualify for an OBF.

·        Proof of Purchase is required from the customer when submitting details for an OBF to Telkom booking agent.

·        DCLM will verify the booking requirements by doing a 7-point check using Vision system to check if the device qualifies for an OBF or not.

·        Once approved on Vision system, the device will be logged and booked, and a collection will be triggered to collect the device from customer.

·        The reference number the customer receives will be used as reference when collecting / booking in the device.

·        All approved OBF’s will be replaced and sent back to the customer, there will be no credits provided.

·        A consultant will contact the customer and inform the customer that the device is warranty void and enquire whether the customer wishes to have the faulty unit returned.

·        Customer has 30 days to request the return of their faulty device, unrepaired.

·        Should the customer wish to have their faulty device returned, the customer must notify us via email within 30 days.

·        Any device deemed, as no fault found (NFF,) will be returned.